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2020-06-27 The .asJava extension method will convert a Scala function to the most specific corresponding Java functional interface. If you wish to obtain a less specific functional interface, there are named methods that start with asJava and continue with the name of the Java functional interface. Best Java code snippets using scala.collection.JavaConverters (Showing top 20 results out of 702) Add the Codota plugin to your IDE and get smart completions. private void myMethod () {.

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For instance, both libraries know iterators, iterables, sets, maps, and sequences. But there are also important differences. In particular, the Scala libraries put much more emphasis on immutable collections, and provide many more operations that transform a collection into a new one. Sometimes you might need to pass from one collection framework to the other. For instance, you might want to access an existing Java collection as if it were a Scala collection.

languages Java, Scala, C++, Haskell, VB. NET, AspectJ, Perl, Ruby, PHP. Couchbase, Hazelcast, Glassfish, Tomcat, Spring, Guice, Hibernate,Scala, utveckling, teach lead Tekniker: JBoss Seam, JBoss AS, Java EE (EJB3, JMS,  applications with Java and Scala, in this project Java was selected due to the In managed languages, such as Java and C#, where the runtime abstracts  in one or more development languages, such as Java, Python, Javascript, Go, PHP or similar Have worked with SQL… Scala, Go, Python, Java, JS or PHP. services using Scala and other system software languages * Adapt central EA debugging and automation techniques, using languages such as Java * You  In term of technical skills, you are proficient in programming with languages such as Java, Scala and Python and are very familiar with Jenkins. In this role as Java Developer you will work in a project related to building a new platform in the field of e-payment solutions Scala Developer for Telco Project. We are using Scala in all our backend systems together with Akka HTTP and MongoDB as of distributed system frameworks/languages like Akka or Scala Both junior candidates with +2 years of experience as Java developer and senior  A Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Scala, Python, C#, etc.You might have relevant educational background, but it is not a requirement for  are experienced in backend development and technologies such as Java or Our team solves problems with Scala, Python, Java, SQL, Jupyter Notebooks,  Scala.

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* Handles scala-java conversions. * * @param streamsToMonitor the set of system streams for which the metadata is needed. * @param metadataCache the metadata cache which will be used to fetch metadata.

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Scala asjava

Cleaned up Scaladoc for JavaConverters and non-deprecated friends. lrytz on Apr 20, 2016. 9c54117. Rename the (deprecated) implicit conversion methods in JavaConversions. lrytz on Apr 20, 2016. Routes.

This job post is closed and the position is probably filled. Please do not apply. **Remote (Europe) | Full- time  In this area imperative languages such as Java can benefit from glancing Net platform) and Scala (see Pär's blogpost about it here), both of  Bland dem finns kända språk som Clojure, Scala och Groovy men också mindre kända språk ArrayList { return this.reversed() as java.util. In this job as Java Developer you will join a team that likes to work closely together and believe in sharing knowledge and experience with each other.
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Scala asjava

av K Segeljakt · 2018 · Citerat av 2 — as safe as Java and fast as C. Scala is a language which is well suited towards development of DSLs due to its flexible syntax and semantics.

Autoboxing. Equals asJava. 4 res0: java.util.List[Int] = [1, 2, 3].
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The following conversions are supported via asJava, asScala. scala.collection.Iterable <=> java.lang.Iterable; scala.collection.Iterator <=> java.util.Iterator; scala.collection.mutable.Buffer <=> java.util.List scala> import collection.JavaConverters._ import collection.JavaConverters._ The following example shows the conversion of Java collections into Scala and vice versa. The .asJava and .asScala are extension functions that enable the aforementioned conversions. To convert the Scala collections to Java: Add Java/Scala converters for options, function types and Java stream, as known from the java8-compat library.

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Using the .asJava extension method on a Scala function produces the most specific possible Java function type:. scala> import scala.jdk.FunctionConverters._ scala> val f = (x: Int) => x + 1 scala 2019-11-15 2019-01-04 SI-9684 Deprecate JavaConversions. som-snytt on Mar 25, 2016.