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French conjugation: régler, active, tables of all French verbs. Translation of régler | PASSWORD French-English Dictionary set [verb] to adjust (eg a clock or its alarm) so that it is ready to perform its function. He set the   English Translation of “régler” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary régler. [ʀeɡle ]. Full verb table transitive verb.

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(=payer) [+facture, dette] to settle, to pay. [+fournisseur] to settle up with, to pay. 2019-06-11 · When you want to say "repeated" or "repeating" in French, you'll use the verb répéter. Yet, to get it into the past or present tense, a conjugation is necessary. In this lesson, we'll introduce you to the most common and simplest forms of the verb so you can use it in a sentence. 2013-10-01 · This video is unavailable.

Collaborative Dictionary French-English. régler.

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Att konjugera franska verb kan vara en riktig mardröm. Men nedan är några regler att leva efter när man funderar på hur man konjugerar  Med andra ord, inom EU har Europaparlamentet redan sina egna etiska regler.

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Regler french conjugation

Instructions. Say the correct conjugation. ("je mange"). Press the Enter key; OR. Type the correct conjugation. To place accents over vowels, move the caret to the right of the vowel and then hit the down arrow key. Coniugare il verbo francese régler a tutti i tempi e modi : maschile, femminile, Indicativo, congiuntivo, imperativo, infinito, condizionale, participio, gerundio. Translations in context of "regler" in French-English from Reverso Context: régler, régler le problème, régler les problèmes, régler ça, régler la question Translation Spell check Synonyms Conjugation French is spoken by 75 million native speakers in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, French Guyana etc.

Try a more  Learn how to conjugate régler, a stem-changing French verb. régler',réglé',règle',règles', example of use, definition, conjugation, Reverso. Learn how to conjugate régler, a stem-changing French verb. régler',réglé',règle',règles', example of use, definition, conjugation, Reverso. Nya regler för raketer. Sedan krävs tillstnd för raketer med Old French conjugation varies significantly by date and by region.
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Regler french conjugation

Verbs ending in -égler have an alteration (é -> è) in some forms (before a silent syllable except for the future and conditional forms) : régler / il règle but il réglera, il réglerait. 2 verbs follow this model. In 1990, the French Academy recommended that it be written règler-, reflecting the now common pronunciation /ɛ/, thereby making this distinction consistent throughout the conjugation (and also matching in this regard the conjugations of verbs like lever and jeter). Both spellings are in use today, and both are therefore given here.

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The conjugator recognizes reflexive verbs ("s'émouvoir", "se laver") and negative verbs ("ne pas pouvoir"), as well as verbal forms with "y" and "en": en prendre, s'en aller, y aller, s'y voir French verb conjugation for régler and synonym for verb régler. Conjugate verb régler at all tenses. Conjugation au masculin sous forme de question à la voix active avec l'auxiliaire avoir.

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The stem of the present indicative is not always regular and not always invariant (especially in the third conjugation), and there are three main sets of endings: 2019-06-18 Advertising. regle verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons. Search the definition and the translation in context for “ regle ”, with examples of use extracted from real-life communication. Similar English verbs: legitimize, vote, inspire. Conjugate also remake, upgrade, enquire, pave, transition, measure, turn, linger, distinguish, sway. Subscribe to my twice-weekly newsletter. Support Lawless French This free website is created with love and a great deal of work.